Blue Heart Springs

Paddling & Surf Locations

Thousand Springs State Park has several units to explore: Malad Gorge, Kelton Trail, Earl M. Hardy Box Canyon Springs Nature Preserve, Billingsley Creek, Ritter Island, Crystal Springs and Niagara Springs.  These incredible scenic areas are all within a short driving distance of each other. 

Blue Heart Springs and Ritter Island are popular destinations in the Thousand Springs State Park area near Buhl. Both locations regularly attract boaters.

On this trip you can put in at Banbury Springs Resort with permission. After putting in you can paddle across the Snake River to Banbury Springs. If you can make the drive, through Wendell go to Branbury Springs. Once in and paddling, you will pass by Box Springs Canyon, paddle into Blue Heart Springs, and paddle further downstream to adventure around Ritter Island. This is a wonderful way to experience the Snake River up close and personal.

To paddle to get into Blue Heart Springs, you'll paddle north down river. On the east/right side of the river you'll see large jagged black boulders, with faded/white colored boulders at the rivers edge. Just before this you'll see a rapid white water flow coming from the east, this is a box canyon and you do not paddle up this to reach Blue Heart. Just past the colored/white rock at the rivers edge will appear an area where the mountain converges - just before the river turns west. The springs are in fact at the base of this area, BEFORE the river turns to the west.