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Idaho Fishing Team, kayak fishing, SUP fishing, NRS fishing, BoiseWhether you want to fish from a kayak, canoe, raft or SUP, we've got you covered. Human-powered fishing on lakes and pond, rivers or on open water, the experience can be one of the best a paddler can have.

With our growing team of fishing pros, great lines of boats, boards, paddles, clothing and accessories, you can get what you need when you want it only at Idaho River Sports!

If you'd like to join the Idaho River Sports fishing team or want to inquire about kayak fishing in general, drop us a line at

Kayak Bass Fishing Tournaments

The inaugural and subsequent Kayak Fishing Idaho tournament series were a huge success for fishing in Idaho. In 2019, Idaho Kayak Bass Fishing started its first year in Idaho and has been growing strong ever since. IKBF is a division of Kayak Fishing Northwest (KFNW), which operates kayak tournament series in Oregon and Washington, as well as Idaho. 

2022 Idaho Kayak Bass Fishing Schedule (Tentative)

Date Division  Event Location Entry Fee
4/30 IKBF Season Kickoff Open Brownlee Reservoir $25
5/14 IKBF Tour Event #1 Lake Wallula (Columbia River)* $50
6/4 IKBF Tour Event #2 Lake Walcott* $50
7/23 IKBF Tour Event #3 Little Payette Lake* $50
8/13 IKBF Tour Event #4 Hagerman (Snake River) $50
9/10 IKBF Tour Event #5 CJ Strike Reservoir $50

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IKBF Online Challenges

Dates Division Event Location Entry Fee
3/1-9/30 IKBF 50/50 Season-Long (smallmouth/largemouth) ID - Statewide $50
03/10-14 IKBF Afternoon Delight (noon to night, pick-your-day) ID - Statewide $25
4/1-30 IKBF Pond Hopper (up to 200 acres) ID - Statewide $25
5/1-31 IKBF Bronzeback (smallmouth) ID - Statewide $25
6/1-30 IKBF Lake Lunkers (lakes/reservoirs) ID - Statewide $25
7/1-31 IKBF Double Trouble (two-person teams) ID - Statewide $25
8/4-8/8 IKBF No Limit (pick-your-day) ID - Statewide $25
9/1-30 IKBF Bucketmouth (largemouth) ID - Statewide $25


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Idaho River Sports Fishing Team Members

Jeremy Miller
Idaho River Sports Fishing Team
Kayak Fishing Idaho
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Erin Mathis
Idaho River Sports Fishing Team
Kayak Fishing Utah
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Jed Rivera
Idaho River Sports Fishing Team
Kayak Bass Fishing Idaho
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We carry and support great lines of fishing paddlesports including Hobie Fishing, NRS Fishing, Wilderness Systems, Perception Kayaks, Feelfree, Seastream, STAR Inflatables and Starboard fishing SUPs, Werner Hooked paddles, Yakattack accessories and much more!

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