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The following are daily rental rates for a variety of raft packages available for your next adventure!

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Oar Package 14 SB Rafts - $85.00

Oar Package 15 SB Rafts - $90.00

Oar Package includes Raft, Frame, 3 Oars, Cooler, Dry Box, 6 PFD's, Straps, Pump, Oar Locks, Throw Rope, and Repair Kit.

Paddle Raft Package 15' SB Rafts - $85.00

Paddle Raft Package 14' SB Rafts - $80.00

Paddle Raft Package 13' SB Rafts - $75.00

Paddle Raft Package includes Raft, 6 Paddles, 6 PFD's, Pump, Throw Rope and Repair Kit.

Boise River Raft Package 9'5" Raft - $55.00

Boise River Raft Package includes Raft, 4 Paddles and 4 PFDs.

See the menu on the left for additional rental options. If you have questions or any special needs, please call the store at 208-336-4844.