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It can be said that white water rafting is as old as rivers, and that men have sought thrills since there were waters to ride. The history of white water rafting as we know it begins very far in the past. It is from the ancient traditions of the Nez Perce and other tribes of Oregon and Idaho that the modern sport of white water rafting was derived.

From those origins it has become a popular outdoor activity with organized tours provided by professional outfitters, and access to the great rivers of Idaho the "Whitewater State" are available to any intrepid adventurers. The first commercial whitewater trip was in June, 1940 on Idaho's Salmon River.

Our Raft & Inflatable Kayak Lines

We take great pride in providing the very best fats, inflatable kayaks and pack rafts, oars, paddles, accessories and clothing that allow our customers to get the most out of their adventures. Our lines of rafts are supplied by Idaho-based companies as are many of the accessories and outfitting gear.

Because of the growing interest in whitewater rafting and kayaking and no real commercial industry to feed the sport, Bill Parks founded Northwest River Supplies, Inc. in 1972. NRS is located in Moscow, idaho. NRS is one of our trusted supplies and partners for all aspects of whitewater and paddle sports, Today NRS is employee-owned!  

We started working with AIRE in 1989, the first year they were founded. We've sold hundreds of AIRE rafts, inflatable kayaks and accessories. A big plus is their boats are made right here in Idaho.  Each raft, cataraft, kayak and SUP are manufactured to live up to the standards of whitewater enthusiasts, which includes the team at AIRE.