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Our motto at Idaho River Sports is "we live what we love" and that includes doing our best to provide information and resources that will enhance your kayak, SUP, surf, canoe or raft adventures in Idaho and around the world.

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Events & Activities of Note

The Boise Surf - Kayak Rally and major events like the North Fork Championships and Payette River Games were important to Idaho and have been part of Jo and Stan's stewardship that started way back with the Payette River Rodeo and other ground breaking Idaho paddling events.

Fall Paddle Classic

IRS sponsors local events that everyone can enjoy like the Fall Paddle Classic SUP, kayak and canoe races. The Fall Paddle Classic is a low key, fun race series held on evenings in September and October on Quinn’s Pond, next to the shop. There's an obstacle course race, “distance” race and a sprint with divisions for canoes, kayaks and SUPs. While there are far more SUPs, it’s nice to have different kinds of paddle craft and paddlers at every event. The events include racers that are super serious, and there can be a bit of bumping and rubbing, and people sometimes get knocked off their boards, while other racers have their dogs, and even their kids, with them and are really in it for the camaraderie, exercise and fun. Fun prizes are awarded each evening.

Hull-o-Ween Paddle & Potluck

Another fun event IRS started is the Hull-o-Ween paddle, potluck. costume contest and parade. Everyone is encourage to dress up in Halloween costumes and paddle laps around the pond. Judges pick the best costumes and prizes are awarded. Lots of people come out to watch and there is a big potluck feast after the parade.

We Love What We Do

As active people in the local community, IRS has been helping the city to develop paddling and recreation opportunities on the Boise River, right in town. IRS continues to be committed to being good neighbors, helping to protect the environment and serving the river community in an area that offers some of the world’s best water for kayaking, canoeing, rafting, and standup paddling. Their motto is "We love what we do!"