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Stand Up Paddle Board competitions are gaining popularity and we want to get in on the fun too! While just developing, we're excited to be in such a great place and have access to flatwater and river paddling right out our back door. We also like the prospect of using competitions as motivation for training like the SUP Skills & Drills program and Fall Paddle Classic family-friendly SUP & kayak competition.

Here are three of the formats we use for SUP competitions for individuals and teams!

SUP Slalom or Obstacle Course

A slalom race is and individual timed event where the paddler will manuever a course around a series of buoys in a pattern down the river and/or on the pond where endurance is an added dimension to paddling skill.

SUP Team Relay

The SUP Team Relay is a flatwater SUP board event where teams of 4 paddlers spring across the pond and back in a side-by-side race. We're imaging heats with 2 to 4 teams in each heat depending on participation. People will get wet and heroes will be born!

SUP Downriver Sprint or Time Trial

A SUP Down River Time Trial is a race against the clock in could be planned for the heart Boise on the Boise River or a lower stretch. For sure there will be SUP Down River Sprints on the Payette too.

The challenges will be a 2 to 4-mile courses either from Barber to Anne Morrison Park or from above the Boise Whitewater Park to Veteran's Memorial Park. Competitors would have to navigate class I and II water then mix in groups of floaters, weird drops and unexpected surprises for even more than fun. A unique event through a modern urban river course.