Boise River Water Trail Guidebook (BREN)

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The Guidebook introduces river users to the beautiful plants and fascinating wildlife of the lower Boise River as well as the natural and human-created hazards. Experienced boaters can use the Guidebook to safely explore our backyard treasure and become ambassadors for a healthy river.

Author Adam Bass writes in the intro "The Boise River flows nearly 70 miles from Discovery Park, just below Lucky Peak Dam east of Boise, to its confluence with the Snake River west of Parma. The river provides wonderful paddling opportunities and scenic views over its entire length. There are many accesses and most are easily reached on major roads, which make for simple shuttles."

The Boise River is broken down down into the following sections:

  • Lucky Peak to Barber Park
  • Barber Park to Ann Morrison Park
  • Glenwood to Eagle Road - South Channel
  • Glenwood to Eagle Road - North Channel
  • Eagle Road to Linder - South Channel
  • Eagle Road to Linder - North Channel
  • Star Road to Lansing Lane
  • Middleton Road to Wittenberger Park
  • Wittenberger Park to Notus
  • Notus to Parma
  • Parma to Fort Boise

Each section has detailed notes on where to put-in and take out, river hazards, points of interest, wildlife and more. The spiral biding allows easy use and the paper is water resistant,

"The book is a great tribute to the efforts of so many people to improve access and information about the river. Shout out to IRU, Boise River 2000, the Boise River Trails Coalition and Boise River Enhancement Network for 25 years of great work!"